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Create Jagran invitation card to invite your family and friends to the Jagran. Get the Jagrata invitation in PDF and HD image format.

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Play Video about Jagran Invitation card
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Jagran Invitation Features

  1. Expert design to fill your guests with bhakti.
  2. Delivery of card in PDF format and HD image format.
  3. Compatible for both Mobile and laptop.
  4. Beautiful images of Durga maa has been used in the Jagrata invitation.
  5. Customizations available as per request.

Step 1

Choose a beautiful Invitation card design for Mata ka Jagrata.

Step 2

Complete payment for the invite.

Step 3

Get the invitation on your email within few hours to download.

What is Mata Jagran?

Mata Jagran is also known by the names Jagrata, Jaga, Jagrana. It is celebrated among Hindu population around the world. In Jagran people stay awake all night to sing the bhakti songs, arti, recite holy stories of Gods etc.

During Jagrata people also invite their friends and family to participate in the gathering.

How to organize a Jagrata of Mata?

Mata Jagrata can be organized at home or a separate pandal can be rented to make the seating arrangements. Most people send out Jagrata invitations to invite their friends and family also. It is good to serve dinner and morning breakfast to your guests.

Beautiful decorations are made to at the place of Jagran to create a bhaktimay environment. Many people hire jagran mandali to organize the jagrata and sing various bhakti songs, arti etc.

Jagran Invitation Templates

You can create beautiful Jagran invitation cards to invite your guests to the Jagran. We have many beautiful templates to choose from. We have included Durga mata images in our invites and also Sanskrit bhajans have been included.

You can create Jagarata invitations in Hindi or English language. After selecting a design you can fill the form in the language of your choice with the details of Jagarata.

Features of Good Jagran Invitation card

We have created a list of features for creating a good Jagran invitation card:-

  • The Mata jagran invitation should be kept simple and all the details should be clearly visible.
  • The design should include religious elements such as Om, Swastik, Mata rani image and other Hindu religious symbols.
  • The address should be accurate so that your guests can reach the location easily.
  • Wordings of the Jagrata invite should be effective and Bhaktimay. To find more examples on invitation wordings visit – Jagran Invitation Wordings Examples.
  • Sanskrit shloks, matra and expressions like “Jai Mata Di” should be included in the invitation.
  • The invitation will look even more beautiful if the image of Mata rani is included.

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